Supporting Mountain Biking and Trail Building in the Ironwood, MI Area

We welcome you to come ride the SISU Dirt Crew Trails and become a member to help support our efforts and build more and better trails for you to enjoy!

Trail Conditions

The lower section to the river has been cleaned of trees and branches however on the climb back up a large tree has fallen and there have been some washouts. We recommend staying away from this section. We will clean up and fix as soon as we can. The Upper section and downhill trails still have some downed trees and branches which will be cleaned up soon. If you do ride this use extreme caution.

Trails are open. Trail builders are actively on the trail fixing sections and building new trail. Stay away from any machinery or trail currently being worked on. There are some sections near Hiawatha where there has been erosion and sliding. Use caution while riding.

After the work bee, Wolverine Trails look to be in great shape and ready to ride! The volunteer crew cleared and raked most of the trails but didn’t get to them all. If you see anything that needs attention let us or Wolverine know through Facebook Messenger.

Trail is open and good to ride.

The north section of trail in lower lying areas by the river is still wet. We recommend not riding these trails yet.

Copper Peak Trails Fest
September 9-10, 2023
Registration Now Open!

Upcoming Events

Join us and meet other mountain bikers in the area for group rides, social gatherings, and member meetings happening throughout the year.